Swarm Bots: Assembly and Co-operative Transport

Swarm-bots is composed of number of similar bots, called s-bots, . The Swarm-bot is provided with self-assembling capabilities.

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Swarm robotics is a field of multi-robotics in which large number of robots is coordinated in a distributed and decentralized way. The main scientific objective of the Swarm-bots project is to study and aim at controlling the s-bots assemble into structures.Swarm-bot is made of master and slave whereby the master controls the slave using RF module to carry out the desired task.

This project introduces the Swarm-bot with a master and two slaves and describes its application as transportation bot.

The robots in the swarm should have some basic functions-

1) Communication between swarm bots: The Robots in the swarm exchange the information with each other and propagate the information to the whole swarm through autonomous behaviors resulting in the swarm-level cooperation.
2) Avoid collision between swarm robots
3) Synchronization.

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  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × Bluetooth module To control master robot
  • 2 × nrf24l01 For communication between master and slave robots
  • 1 × Photo-diode For obstacle detection
  • 1 × Robot casing

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