• Massive update

    rr199306/25/2016 at 10:31 0 comments

    Well it has been a while but after trying different controllers to get the information from the MySensors network i decided to write my own controller (that in the future also will suport ZigBee). So this was quite a massive undertaking but i am at the point where data gets stored in a database that have been send by the sensor-node.

    The controller needs a lot more work to be done, and a nice web-interface must be added for easy insight in the data.

    I updated the hardware with a little transistor to switch the CO2 sensor on or off, so there is still progress but this project is changing from a simple air-quality logger to a full controller for mesh-networks.

  • The first tests

    rr199304/22/2016 at 19:57 0 comments

    After a couple of hours i finished some of the initial tasks, however there is still some work to do which i postponed because of the lack of components. I still need some transistors and a 10uF capacitor, however i could run some tests already :) !

    I decided to build an extra board acting as gateway with the Raspberry Pi, this way i can run the mesh-network without the raspberry being on, this extra board will serve as the master-node and a serial-gateway to the Pi. Because of the missing 10uF capacitor on this board i get a lot of transmission errors, but this will soon be over.

    (Dont mind the stuff in the right upper corner its from an old project)

    The sensor-board is missing a transistor to turn off the CO2-sensor, this sensor needs to be heated before it can be used but this process draws a lot of current from the battery's, so the controller must be able to turn the heating process off with the use of a transistor.

    (Sawing didnt go so well :(, need to fix that)

    The test were positive and i could see connectivity between the two nodes, the master node has a lot of transmission errors though.

    to be continued !