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Building a prothestic hand that can be personalized (with tools, water purifier) and that gives you more control on the grasp in hopes of reducing the stigma associated with disabilities

What we wanted to create was a prosthetic hand that anyone could customize and that would give you the ability to control your grasp on things. To do so, we came up with the idea of associating a muscle sensor with a servo motor and strings. The muscle sensor would interact with the motor so that everytime you contracted a muscle it would make the motor turn so that it tightened the strings.

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  • Project Session 4

    mircetic.isidora6 days ago 0 comments

       Today, we're trying to print some parts of our prosthetic hand. We had some problems with the 3D Printer, and resolved them by downloading an other version of Cura (the software used to print).
    ADVICE : take time because the printing can take up to 16 hours...
       Also, we continued to test out the muscle sensor and the servo motor.

  • Project Session 3

    mircetic.isidora05/03/2018 at 09:59 0 comments

       Today we received the items necessary for our project. We started doing the programs that would enable the muscle sensor and the servo motor to work together. What we want to achieve is the motor being able to tighten the strings on the flexi-hand using the data from the muscle sensor.
       We did research on the material needed for the hand and we found that the best is FilaFlex.

  • Project session 2

    Elena04/12/2018 at 09:32 0 comments

    After establishing our project on the first session, we had to make a list of things to buy for the project to work. We discovered that we had to make a lot of changes for our project to be realistic and makeable. We also had to stay under 2OO euros of purchase. And we added the idea of having a muscle sensor control the tightness of the strings making the hand grasp something.

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