Alcohol sensor

Using MQ3 alcohol sensor and a nokia display

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Arduino based alchol sensor with graphic display.

Its more like a fun project, than an actually useful one, because the MQ3 sensor is quite poor in the terms of sensing the blood alcohol. My friends and i have done some testings with it at a bar, and it was capable of measuring our alcohol consumption, but it was quite inaccurate.

However, if you have a few buck and interested, try it out, i even recommend it to the beginners.

Feel free to ask, i'd love to share my experiences with it.

  • 1 × Arduino nano
  • 1 × MQ-3 Alcohol sensor
  • 1 × Nokia 5110 display

  • Field testing

    Deto07/12/2016 at 09:45 0 comments

    I went out with some friends to a local festival, and done some field testing.

    On the good side, collected some data about the scaling of the raw numbers the device displays, but the prototype broke after 3 days of "constant testing".

    Got some good ideas to the second version, like adding a button to hold the measured data and some layout updates.

  • About

    Deto06/13/2016 at 12:54 0 comments

    Its kind of a cheap and fun project. The arduino code is a simple one, too, just some analog reading and handling the display.

    In retrospect, i would use the pro mini, instead of the nano.

    I realy like the nokia display, cheap and power efficent, easy to use thanks to the adafruits pcd8544 library, which is compatible with the adafruit GFX interface.

    If there is any intrest, i will post the source of the project and some building instructions (which is realy trivial).

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