Sensor Station

Web App for sensing moisture using ESP32 + Arduino

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Sensor Station is an Arduino project developed and tested on an ESP32 module and allows the storage and access to sensor data. The project supports an OLED display and two input buttons: one for starting WPS and one for turning on the OLED display. An embedded webserver provides a REST API and web page for accessing the data. It is possible to put the webserver behind a reverse-proxy, the webserver is aware of X-Forwarded-Prefix in HTML request header. Currently, three moisture sensors are configured for the prototype shown in the pictures. The sensor values are used to know when it is time to water e.g. balcony plants. However, the software can be easily extended by further sensors. For more details visit the Github site

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Tim Rightnour wrote 08/16/2019 at 16:43 point

Are you using leaf wetness sensors?

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