• ESP8266 esp-201 experiences

    06/12/2016 at 14:44 0 comments


    I started using the esp-201 version of the esp8266 because the great number of GPIOs, and found out a lot about this module myself. Its a bit different from the other versions, and has a very little documentaion. I faced a lot of problems with it and find solution for almost all of them, and i like to share it online, so others dont have to solve them on their own.

    First thing i have to mention, that is i had a lot of help from this site smarpl.com-s blog about it, so if you work with this module, i reccomend reading it, has great tips on wiring and programming.

    One of the greatest problem is with this module is its baud rate: 115200. While this module's firmware supports the AT+CIOBAUD command (to set another baud rate), everytime the module resets, the baud is back to 115200, even at soft or command based restart. I always add a big capacitor at the Vcc and GND, because the slightest ripple can reset the module.

    There is 2 big problem with the high baud rate: You cant use software serial, and you cant realy use the remote controlling. The second was the biggest mystery i have revealed because in theory, it should work, but the Pro Mini-s serial buffer cant handle that speed with that mutch data.

    Module works perfectly with the esp libraries, so u dont even need a MCU. I tested it with the Blynk library and i was able to controll a robot car with it, whitch requires almost realtime feedback.

    More coming soon.