3D Printer EDM Module

a cheap and easy module to Convert any 3D Printer into a metal machining CNC

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I wanted to be able to machine hard metals, like tool steel or titanium on my cnc, so i searched the web and found a concept called electric discharge machining. On further research i realised that such a module doesn't yet exist, whether for 3D nor CNC machines. Of course as many might argue a guy called AvE is allready developing such a thing. But on his design has some major problems: first it's only dye Sinking EDM, which is not very useful to the 3D printer owner(who likes to be free and print whatever shape he wants) and second, he has a gigantic powersupply which is way overloaded with features(LCD), thus EDM does not need a lot of current. So i challenged myself to fix this issue by creating an EDM system that works more like a CNC than a dye-sinker.


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