protoBOT 3d printer

simple and small 3d printer with most of parts printed at home

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I'm into 3d printing for few years, and active building 3d printers for most of that time. Learned a lot thanks to the community... and specially from community based systems like Prusa's. Internet is a place were some got news, youtube, porn... and some having nerd stuff... software, mechanical, electrical and electronics articles, blogs, vlogs, faqs etc. If you are a tech Nerd just like me, you can find tons of very interesting educational articles that can build up your knowledge until... for me everything ended up here on Hackaday (&GitHub). Why? because was living the 3d printer hype and tested all the bullshit and non-bulshit projects on te planet.

Now it's time to share some of the knowledge just like all those people all over the world shared with me.

This is my second 3d printer design here on hackaday so i wanted to show something different

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