DOOM Badge

A Badge that plays DOOM and that's it, come on you know you want it

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Badge that runs DOOM maybe some cute cacademon graphics or something

A Badge that plays the game DOOM, because we've all wanted one. 


Quick Specs:

- ESP32 MCU + WiFI + BLE

- LiPo cell 3.7V w/ USB charging

- DOOM art inspired gameboy shaped PCB

- Expansion IO

- Compatible with Benchoff's I2C fuckery


Espressif was kind enough to do nearly all the work

Potential Amazing Features that will be hard to implement that I might do:

- Pairs with phone via bluetooth use phone as gamepad

- Pairs with Nintendo Pro controller 

-WiFi network match play

  • Let's Go!

    AVR05/02/2018 at 13:45 0 comments

    So this is gonna be a badge that plays doom on an ESP32 with a nice color screen. I want the badge to be shaped like a classic PC, the onyl question is which one?

    Suggest me an awesome vintage computer to make the badge in the shape of go!!!

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Vincent wrote 09/15/2018 at 21:01 point

..need! :)

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