DOOM Badge

A Badge that plays DOOM and that's it, come on you know you want it

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Badge that runs DOOM maybe some cute cacademon graphics or something

A Badge that plays the game DOOM, because we've all wanted one. 


Quick Specs:

- ESP32 MCU + WiFI + BLE (WROOM Module)

- ST7735R LCD Display

- LiPo cell 3.7V w/ USB charging

- DOOM art inspired gameboy shaped PCB

- Expansion IO

- Compatible with Benchoff's I2C fuckery


Espressif was kind enough to do nearly all the work

Potential Amazing Features that will be hard to implement that I might do:

- Pairs with phone via bluetooth use phone as gamepad

- Pairs with Nintendo Pro controller/Xbone/PS4/Rando chinese anything  

- WiFi network match play

  • Started

    AVR12/06/2018 at 07:56 0 comments

    Started working on DOOM badge this week. I decided I want it to look kind of like a old school IBM PC, I also decided I wanted a bigass display so that it can be a big badge. Going with the raw LCD found on this Adafruit product: . The screen will be integrated into the badge yada yada.

    So as for the design I was hoping to find some cool vector graphics already available of the old IBM PC, there weren't many to trace from, so I decided to take inspiration from all the art out there and draw my own from scratch. Since I'm an insane person and like doing things the hard way, I straight up sketched the design of the badge in KiCAD, essentially freehand, with some manual input to change line lengths and align things. The results are:

    A crudely drawn 2D IBM style PC shaped PCB! For the first draft I don't think its too bad, I'm not much of a visual artist unless PCBs count haha. The screen is meant to go in the outline on the monitor bit, and all the supporting circuitry for the badge and batteries will be on the back. There is going to be a keyboard for playing the game and inputing cheats but it will be designed separately, based on an SX1509 IO expander so It can connect over I2C through the shitty addon interface. 

    Quick 3D render: 

    Expect more, soon, its a simple badge!

  • Let's Go!

    AVR05/02/2018 at 13:45 0 comments

    So this is gonna be a badge that plays doom on an ESP32 with a nice color screen. I want the badge to be shaped like a classic PC, the onyl question is which one?

    Suggest me an awesome vintage computer to make the badge in the shape of go!!!

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Vincent wrote 09/15/2018 at 21:01 point

..need! :)

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