• Some thought

    Will Whang08/29/2016 at 14:45 0 comments

    I always wanna REAL LoRa muti channel receiver, so after Googling I found that SX1301 is a chip

    specifically for this purpose, has a maximum 8 channel

    Although there is some concentrator board on the market, like mCARD or WiMOD iC880A

    but they are all for 815Mhz and 915Mhz ISM band, and I want 433Mhz

    So I need to build one ,but Semtech seems to be controlling SX1301 source

    luckily I found some SX1301 selling in China, so starting the layout.

    Microchip provide a very good detail about the schematic (LoRa® Technology Gateway User’s Guide), so for SX1301 section, the layout is just copy paste, since I have no idea what is going on there.

    for RF frontend, schematic is from SX1255 datasheet, I didn't combine the TX/RX and channel A/B for simplicity.