Here is a quick overview of the design:

The design:

The 3D model is fully parametric via Customizer or OpenSCAD: not only you can control the size of the clamps and their features (grooves and such) but also fit them on the most common aluminum T-slot extrusions:

  • Misumi 15mm/20mm (1515 or 2020)
  • OpenBeam
  • 80/20 1010 1"
  • MicroRax 10mm
  • ... or even your own T-Slot or C-section profile.

The files include some pre-built designs as well as the generator script.

Design concepts:

  • Lift to lock! Push to release! The lever rotation during lock also tightens the clamp slightly.
  • Horizontal and vertical grooves on the jaws for easy alignment.
  • The nub at the end of the lever keeps it in position, also keeps it from interfering with other clamps on the same bar
  • Local adjustments to make it print without supports (lack of symmetry here is by design)

One of the prints had a striking resemblance to a bird's head, so I had to put googly eyes on it: