We probably should've got some proper under-counter lighting sorted when we got the kitchen fitted.

Instead, we ended up getting some cheap Eveready COB stick-on LED lights.

They drain their AAA batteries quickly if used for long periods, so I decided to make improvements.

First, I printed off a set of dummy batteries (by Riiko on Thingiverse), wired them up, and spliced them into the power-lines of a spare USB cable.

With this done, I was no longer able to fit the lamps back into their original stick-on clips, due to the extra wires.

I attempted to stick these lights directly under the counter, with cardboard spacers, but it was precarious and ungainly.

Bumble said I should just drill holes in the plastic, seeing as these were cheap lights anyway, but that seemed too messy for my liking.

I put my new Fusion 360 skills to use, and designed a spacer adapter that would clip in between the light and its bracket.

(I'll upload this later)

It took a couple of days of iterating to get the fit right, but it ended up looking good.

For now, they're powered by a powerbank that's held on with some strips of 3M VHB tape.

I'm going to replace this with a cheaper smaller pack later (this is my good one!) and I'll design a clip for it to make it more removeable.

And... lights!