Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera Hack

Hack a Raspberry Pi case to include IR LEDs and the NoIR Camera module for a home CCTV setup

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Use an original Raspberry Pi Model B, the Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module and a nifty lighting accessory called the Lisiparoi to create a self-contained night-vision CCTV camera.

Having bought the original Raspberry Pi Model B when it was launched back in 2012, I wanted to make sure it was still put to use and not abandoned in favour of the newer, faster 2 and 3 models. Using the fantastic MotionEye OS, I created a quick and dirty night-vision CCTV hack whilst making use of the relatively unknown Lisiparoi accessory sold by

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Model B
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi PSU
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module
  • 1 × Lisiparoi IR LED Accessory
  • 1 × USB WiFi dongle

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    Step 1

    Place the Lisiparoi on the Berry Black case in the place you want it – make sure you allow enough room around the outside so it is not too close to the edge. Draw around the Lisiparoi with a pencil – this will be our reference point so we can work out where to start drilling and filing. Take a look at my photo for reference:

  • 2
    Step 2

    We will need to cut out a few points in our case – we’ll need to allow a space for the headers (so we can connect the Lisiparoi to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIOs), and a square hole for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. We’ll also need to drill small holes for the nuts and bolts to secure the Lisiparoi to the case. All of this will involve a little trial and error, butremember – you can always cut more, but cannot put back what you’ve removed!

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    Step 3

    Start with the mounting holes – I did this by simply placing my Lisiparoi on the case in the place I wanted it, and then carefully drilled through the case using the holes in the Lisiparoi as a template. We can refer to these holes when marking out the holes for the camera module and for the headers.

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