• Music Drives Everything That I Do

    AVR06/04/2018 at 17:20 0 comments

    Like the title says music drives everything I do. Whenever dreaming up a concept, designing, building, bringing it to life, there is always a soundtrack playing on the stereo or in my head. 100% all of my projects have detailed musical memories/soundtracks to them and the memories are all connected in my head.

    It is my hope to bring together like minded hackers so we can share music with eachother and help soundtrack eachothers project journeys! This chat will not be limited to music appreciation, got a song you wrote that you want us to hear? Play it! Wanna show us your friends band? Show us! Wanna talk about a new instrument or way to play music you invented? Tell us! All things music is welcome!!

    Please join up this could be a lot of fun!!