Rohit Gupta

Interaction Designer and Electrical Engineer I exist between mediums and technology.

Pune India
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This user joined on 04/12/2014.

Things I've Built

Infinity Mirror

Made a small infinity mirror to surprise guests!

Arduino Controlware- Seamless control of an arduino using VC#

My first and last VC# project to interface arduino to the computer! Basic LED toggles and Analog Reads are supported! Used in digital Lab at college to test discrete logic ICs

Tiano -The repurposed touchscreen piano

Used a small resistive touchscreen as a piano with MSP430 !


It is a tiny 4X4X4 LED cube with a sturdy laser cut base that encloses the entire build. It uses MSP430 microcontroller to run the entire array

Easy Peasy Stepper Motor/Driver tester

It solves the major problems of a person working on steppers!

SensorCAST- A solar powered Weather Logger using GR Sakura

Its a solar powered weather station that measures soil humidity,sunlight,temperature,battery status and solar irradiation and logs it on the SD Card and has a Web Interface too.

Open Agitator

It uses an old CD ROM! Build cost is in a sub dollar range since most of the electronics are available from TI as free samples!

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