Cyborg 360 Flir AR HUD Motorcycle Helmet

360 View, Flir and IR AR HUD for Motorcycle Riders, Open Build for anyone who wants to make it!

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This is my Hackaday Human computer interface challenge submission. I am entering this in the efforts to earn college money.

Welcome to the 360 Augmented reality heads up display , app enabled open source machine vehicle interface. 3 cameras record at all angles. Be one with the Bike and your surroundings!

Machine vision recognizes road signs and road boundries.

NIGHT MODE is really where the setup shines. Capability to display IR night vision as well as FLIR side view can help a rider see animals , pedestrians or even vehicles parked without their lights on! This is Super Useful.

Also in addition to collecting information about a riders environment like incoming rain, temperature and location, the rider also has vehicle proximity alerts from automotive grade sensors surrounding the helmet.

Versions and Progress plan in this project.


- Heavily hacked samsung VR gear headset ( but any could be used) , 3 800x 400 screens)


- same electronics, the headset is 3d printed sections for self assembly for others who have 3d printers


- 3d printed kit mounts to the OUTSIDE of a existing helmet without modification of the helmet itself, widespread use for most helmets. Likely This will use pico projector instead of lcd screens for a more compact conversion , less weight and brighter view even in ambient light

In all 3 versions Raspberry pi 3 , Pi Zero W or x86 SBC like Latte Panda can be used. It is an open project that can use a variety of setups and custom firmware or OS.

Primary Feature Goals

360 degree live view, 3 cameras , one forward and two in the back both left and right.

Automotive grade Ultrasonic sensors for sides and rear and blind spots

Display vehicle telemetry , Speed, Rpm , Blinker, Gear selection, fuel estimation, blinker and brakes

Connect to phone for calls, blue tooth and navigation , traffic alerts

Connect to Wifi, listen to radio, music or watch news reports on traffic

Version 1 > OLED 267ppi screens down facing, refracting into the line of sight.

DIY style setup anyone can do

Version 2>  Pico projector reflected off Angled visor in plan view, mounts on top of the helmet that holds all the electronic equipment.  More universal setup for a variety of helmets and sizes.

  • 3 × 800 x 480 IPS 3.5" Display 267ppi This is the best screen I found for the money, $32 each including the shipping. High native resolution and frame rate should allow for smooth video and crisp images.
  • 1 × Storm1 Modular Donor Helmet
  • 3 × Raspberry Pi 3B
  • 3 × Raspberry Pi 5 mp no IR cameras
  • 1 × Ez Robot Ezb mini

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Josh Starnes wrote 07/24/2018 at 16:40 point

I just ordered the lcd screens, I am going with 3 x 3.5 inch 800 x 400 res.

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Josh Starnes wrote 07/21/2018 at 20:29 point

yes a 12v quick release connector. The added weight is negligible. I am using 3d printing for mounting pieces and such. There will be a pi 3 or a latte panda. I am considering having a brain box magnetically stick to the tank with a tether to the helmet feeding the power and signal to the lcd displays.

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Paul Crouch wrote 07/22/2018 at 01:08 point

Cool. I'm watching with interest, particularly how you're going package the LCD(s).

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Paul Crouch wrote 07/20/2018 at 21:16 point

I admire your enthusiasm for adding cool features and functions but I can't help be concerned about the extra weight. Manufacturers go to great lengths to reduce it and people pay more for lighter lids. Heavier helmets are more fatiguing and are more likely to cause neck injuries in a crash. 

How much weight would all your extras add do you think? I'd be interested to see a tally of the approximate weights. Also, I presume you're intending to power it all from the bike?

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Josh Starnes wrote 07/24/2018 at 19:44 point

Thats a good question about the weight, I really dont know how much it will add, but I have had some pretty heavy helmets. In my experience wind turbulence was harder on my neck muscles than fatigue of the helmets weight. All the parts are pretty light though so we will see.

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