• More photos

    jonHickam01/08/2019 at 21:22 0 comments

    Hey folks, here are a couple more pics. 
    For the one of the back plate, this is 1/8 steel scrap that I had. I like the patina.
    From left to right you have

    • USB for MIDI / power supply
    • 1/4 MONO line-level audio out
    • Octave down
    • Octave up
    • Joystick. vertical axis makes the controller louder / softer.  Horizontal controller bends pitches
    • Four Red control buttons. (well 3 because the bottom one already broke.  No more cheap switches for me!) They are:  
      • cheap-ass broken button
      • unassigned
      • Change pitch bend between entire instrument mode or last note played mode
      • change wave form
    • Two LEDs that initially showed which of the 5 octaves was selected, from one (bottom blinks twice) , 2 (bottom blinks once), 3 (no lights), 4 (top blinks once) and 5 (top blinks twice).  I disconnected them because the blinking was distracting. 

    There is also a close up of the keys, where you can see the round Cherry MX key caps I am using for the buttons.  There is not really a pattern to what letters go to what switches other then the C-G  in the middle. The black keys are just white keys with sharpie.

    You can see how tight I am for space on the back.  Im leaning towards making this model MIDI only and building a second prototype with a little more room.

  • Initial upload

    jonHickam01/07/2019 at 06:51 0 comments

    Initial upload and prototype.  Features include

    • Midi over USB out (note on and note off)
    • 3 octave keyboard. up to 5 selective octave ranges

    Audio Synthesis features

    • Multiple wave forms, including
      • Sine
      • Sawtooth
      • Reverse Sawtooth
      • Pulse
      • Square
    • Frequency range of to 81.8 to 12543.85 hz
    • polyphonic up to 4 notes.  Additional notes cause earliest note to drop out
    • analog joystick.  One axis is overall volume the other is pitch bend.
    • Pitch bend can be switched between the entire interface or just the last note played
    • Pitch bend moves 1/2 step either direction

    still to do:

    • add the audio shield for better sound quality
    • add more interesting sounds with different sorts of sound synthesis (looking at FM modulation)