ESPboy is open-source (most software is under MIT license) and open-hardware (CERN license) project.

OSHWA certification record record

ESPboy is a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics [STEM] learning platform which encourages and enhances creativity, imagination, and ingenuity through project-based learning and reverse engineering.

ESPboy is ideal to learn game development, internet of things, start programming, understand how gadgets work, and try robotics basics all with the community help.

It's a fantastic experience to assemble the ESPboy yourself or together with your child. Make your own games and apps, share them with the community online. You can make any fully functional gadget in a minute with additional modules, play with it, understand the way of work, modify it and create the unique new one!

It's about fun engineering education and creativity through limitations :)

ESPboy utilizes a powerful ESP8266 microcontroller with built-in WiFi, Arduino IDE compatible with tons of libs and professional firmware and SDKs

Simple schematic (for detailed schematic, ESPboy+casing PCBs and Gerber files please check project page at

Connecting the original modules to the ESPboy's header and updating software through WiFi, you'll get fully functional gadget in a minute (LORA messenger, weather station, GSM phone, FM radio, MP3 player and more)

"ESPboy App Store" with a load of games and applications available through your WiFi network connection. It’s free, online, and works fine directly from your ESPboy

WiFi analyzer & packet sniffer

Create games with "Little game engine", "ESPiCo game engine" or any other framework

Play old retro Nintendo Game Boy games like Zelda, Super Mario etc...

Try ARDUBOY retro console emulation with excellent Arduboy2 game creation library ported. It will take just few minutes to recompile any game from Arduboy to ESPboy )

Play retro Chip8/Superchip games. It's an true digital heritage from the 70s with CHIP8/SCHIP emulator. Try new modern games from the OCTO jam.

Have fun with retro ZX Spectrum 48k gamesfrom the 80-90s using zx48 emulator.

Listen the portable FMradio, MP3s or WiFi radio with ESPboy modules

Listen the retro AY38910 chip synth music with DAC module

Write programs or chat in messengers using keyboard module

ESPboy has WiFi onboard to:


Development ecosystem:

Support ESPboy project development and its promotion on the market

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