• Experiment result

    Benchoff05/25/2019 at 22:10 0 comments

    Boards are assembled using small, 0604 red LEDs as that's what I had on hand. Pics:


    Front illuminated


    The test worked well as far as illumination, however, I don't believe the LEDs I'm using can light up an area this large. This test would work better with smaller illuminated areas.

  • Boards first, then we'll see how blinky it is

    Benchoff05/08/2019 at 21:41 0 comments

    This is a continuation of the Oreo Construction project, where components are encapsulated inside of PCBs: https://hackaday.io/project/162612-oreo-construction-circuitry

    The Shitty Add-On movement continues on, and there are more and more boards featuring reverse-mounted LEDs. Reverse-mounted LEDs don't lend themselves to pick and place assembly, so this is a project to see if another technique can be used (Oreo construction) to make flat, illuminated panels in PCBs.

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