smart helmet with wireless brake,turn light & Blth

This helmet has turn & brake lights for improved rider visibility and security synced with motorcycle and bluetooth headset

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The aim of this project is to improve the riders visibility and security on the roads.It's an addition to the in built indicators in motercycles.
as an upgrade it now also has a bkuetooth headset audio system which connects to mobile and can be used for various handy applicatons like wireless navigation,hands free calls etc

these people here on different communites explained my project very well

1)Janaki Jitchotvisut


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  • 1 × arduino uno
  • 1 × arduino nano microcontroller
  • 1 × Voltage regulator 12v-(3.3v & 9v)
  • 3 × 1k resistors
  • 2 × Nrf24 tranceiver module

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  • this helmet now has a bluetooth headset system

    Adnan.R.Khan09/09/2019 at 20:35 0 comments

    along with the indicators i now added a bluetooth headset system into the helmet.

    i used this bluetooth receiver(used for cars).

    split opened it up,removed the battery etc and wired the speakers to audio jack outputs as well as battery.
    I then changed the speakers after testing with smaller and more efficient ones as the older ones were too hungry for amps X ) and wired them permanetly onto the bluetooth receiver board.It was then time to install the assembly into the helmet.I used a voltage regulator board to power all the electronics like arduino,indicator and break lights,bluetooth,speakers etc which could take 12-24v i/p and gives 5v or 9v as per our requirement.the whole assembly then installed carefully into the helmet.

    you can see a little extension of the bluetooth board coming out near the front glass. that is for turning the bluetooth on and off and volume up and down contolls.

    Then covering the whole wiring with the inbuilt foam cover in helmet.

    Drilled a small hole at lower right portion of the helmet just below the ear from where i can push the button of voltage regulator to turn on/off the entire electronics.

    TADDAA!! and thats one more feature now :)

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