If your interested in this project:


Here is what you'll need:

   1. a Google Home, Mini, Max, Nest Hub or smart phone running Google Assistance


      an Amazon Alexa device - such as an Echo dot, Echo, Echo Plus, etc.

    2. a (free) account with IFTTT

    3. a (free or paid) account with Pushbullet

    4. an Olimex ESP32-PoE-ISO which you can get  in North America from Mouser or Digikey

    5. this open source Arduino code

             which uses other libraries (with due credit given in the comments of the code itself)

    6. optional LED and resistor


Here is how you set it up (this is at the 100 foot level, I'm not going to go into great detail - you're smart and can figure it out):

    In IFTTT, you link your Google / Alexa device to your IFTTT account

     In IFTTT, you link your IFTTT account to your PushBullet account

     In IFTTT, you set up an IFTTT applet to respond to a specific phrase

          for example:  

                the 'If This' option is 'Google Assistant' ,

                       'Say a simple phrase', which you can set to:

                       "turn on my computer", "turn my computer on", "turn on my pc"


                the 'Then That' option is to us PushBullet 

                      to send a note, where:

                         the title is "Wakeup on LAN", and 

                         the message is the MAC Address of the computer you want to wake up

    You update the Arduino code to include your PushBullet Access Token (found on your Pushbullet Settings window)

    You update the Olimex ESP32-PoE-ISO with the updated Arduino code

    You plug your Olimex ESP32-PoE-ISO into your network


To make it work:

    You say (for example) "OK Google, turn on my computer", or 

     press the user button (But1) on the...

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