In the company where i work, we have a personal badge that we have to keep visible and we use it to open the office doors, like in most of the other companies.

After breaking my badge holder, i came up with the idea of make a badge holder with PCBs and also with a good looking graphics!

This badge holder is made with 3 PCBs glued together like a sandwich.
The PCBs on the two sides are the same with matte black soldermask and ENIG finishing with a thickness of 0.6mm.

The middle one is cheaper with black soldermask with a thickness of 1mm. This because the badge is 0,8mm thick.

The middle one has also two teeth that can bend during the card insertion and make the badge stable inside.

There are large pads along the border, this because my initial intention was to solder all the 3 PCBs with the solder paste in the oven, but it was a total failure!

The PCBs are too thin that the heat cause a deformation. I have also tried with a small clamp but when the solder paste melts it come out from the borders without soldering the PCBs.

So the only solution was to glue with cyanoacrylate glue, that seems very strong and stable!.

The trace are invented, so the PCB it's not functional... no fancy blinking LED....
This because i want it as light as possible, i have to keep this hanging from my neck for a hole day 5 days at week!

Here are the dimensions:

This badge holder is compatible with the card called ID-1, the common credi card size, with the dimension of 85.60 × 53.98 mm and thickness of 0.76 mm