The Mask

Glowing Low Poly Mask ..... for raves and such

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A mask covered in programmable RGD LEDs

Draws about 5A at full blast

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  • The Beginning

    alexleffell01/12/2020 at 17:45 0 comments

    So one day my friend show'd me some paper-craft masks she made from wintercroft templates. I immediately thought I had to make one covered in LEDs.

    After downloading their design for the Fox Half Mask I opened it in Fusion360 so I could copy the outline for each polygon in to a DXF before transferring that to Altium. I thought for a while if there was a more efficient way to layout approximately 400 LED's, but since each polygon was different I ended up just doing it by hand while watching the entire second season of Succession. 

    [insert altium pic]

    In order to make things slightly simpler, I sourced the 5th version (with integrated bypass caps) of the WS2812B directly from World Semi.

    Many hours later I fired off an order to JLC. A few days after that I got these guys:

    [board pic]

    I didn't take many progress pics, but I laser cut a kapton stencil, did the whole reflow thing and then singulated each polygon with a bandsaw. In the future I'd pull the ground and power pours further back from the edge so they don't get exposed when cut.

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