A project to augment human senses by adding a magnetometer to our eyesight

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I recently read 'Life on the Edge' by Jim Al-Khalili and Johnjoe McFadden. They present a case that birds' navigation involves a quantum mechanical mechanism and probably occurs somewhere in the eye.

This got me wondering about what it might be like to see the effects of the Earth's magnetic field, so I decided to tinker with the idea.

I have two starting points - the first is hacking some active 3D glasses to cause variations in some way to the users vision. The second is to add some coloured LEDs in the wearers peripheral vision, and have the colours change in some way according to the detected magnetic field.

  • Wiring goggles

    Rich Maynard01/23/2020 at 14:34 0 comments

    Removed the circuit board, soldered wires directly onto the LCD contacts.

    Applying 3V from the coin cell that came with the goggles darkens them, but they 'fade' back to visible quite slowly. I might have to short them together to get this to happen quicker so I can use the sort of 'invisible' frame rates I will need

  • 3D Active goggles

    Rich Maynard01/23/2020 at 14:32 0 comments

    Bought some Active 3D goggles. Went for Toshiba branded as I thought they might be a bit more robust - wrong!

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Rich Maynard wrote 01/24/2020 at 10:43 point

Good points.

I considered AR, and it might be good for certain applications, but I want to be able to wear these goggles long term and see if io makes any appreciable difference to my sense of navigation.

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Dan Maloney wrote 01/23/2020 at 19:56 point

Could have applications beyond magnetic navigation. Could a magnetometer detect EM fields around electrical conductors? That might be handy to electricians. 

Or, maybe some kind of AR device that shows magnetic fields over a picture of a scene. That would be cool too.

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