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This is (supposed to be) an experimental musical instrument focused on expanding the role of an instrument from a pure pursuit of music onto other forms of entertainment, through game-inspired rules (creativity) and visual/kinesthetic feedback (interaction).
If that sounds too abstract (it does), you can alternatively think of it as a bunch of electronic sensors smashed together into a violin form factor.
It is currently unknown how well it would feel to actually play music with it.

Project Background

Read on my blog. Warning: it's cringy


Explore the design.

See this spreadsheet for how some parameters were constructed. 

  • Playing Mechanism (1/2)

    Jason Cho03/24/2020 at 03:12 0 comments

    asdfasdfasd temporary

  • Brief Project Management

    Jason Cho03/24/2020 at 03:11 0 comments

    Ironically, coronavirus gave me a lot more freedom to work on my projects... 

    CAD is finished, and all of the electronic parts are already sourced as seen on the simple BOM in the spreadsheet. 

    A big challenge as of now is sourcing the motor. I did not choose a specific model yet, as choosing a motor turned out to be surprisingly difficult. It has to have a relatively high kV (around 1000) yet be relatively cheap (no more than $40), and that's not exactly readily available. Especially with coronavirus happening, I cannot order anywhere other than from Amazon and that's really not a good sign. 

    I also have to secure the plywood and a laser cutting service. 
    The CAD model was designed with the assumption of using 1/8 plywood sheets, and I did not even think about any possible variance on the thickness at all. Maybe it won't be a problem, but it's entirely possible.
    I also recently had something laser-cut by a local family-based service, but it's hard to approach them again while the virus is intact. And although I trust my service, it's difficult for me to think that the part tolerance will work out perfectly with laser cutting. 

    While all of that is happening though, my main focus will be to finalize the playing mechanics (gathering up all of my ideation phase notes dating back to... 9 months ago??? dang.) You should expect me to add more logs specifically dealing with the playing mechanics, because that's almost as important as the physical instrument itself. And programming the Teensy board. I am planning to get the extensive help of Hackaday community though! This is a perfect time to learn. 

  • Designing is DONE

    Jason Cho03/24/2020 at 02:50 0 comments

    finally. mwhahahahahaa

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