Uploaded the final versions. Use it if you can help. Very simple and fast both the assemble and production, compatible with die- & laser cut.

I got a request, to change the design in a way, that it can fit on a 200 mm x 300 mm sheet. This design can't be made from 1 piece, as such the head strap and the visor are in two different files. Useful if you have less material.

I will upload some better images, these were made at my home, without studio.

In Hungary, we have a shortage of PET-G, as such, i needed to create an alternative for PVC, which can't be cut in lasermachine due to dangerous chemicals. The latest design can be produced with normal die-cut method, with a production rate of daily 10k. License is the same (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0))


There are two versions of each file, one for silicon stripe, one for rubber band


The versions, which are created for diecut, are containing dashed lines, which are folding lines, in case you are using laser, you either need to delete this, or set the laser power down at these lines, to not cut trough the material.