You ever want to do something with those old and broken NES controllers? They seem too valuable to just throw away but once the cord is ripped off they're basically useless unless you can find away to give them new life! I like to combine them with other electronics.

In the past I put mp3 decoders inside of them to turn them into unique mp3 players but this time I came across this tiny arcade machine that's more of a gimmick than it is playable and decided to take its guts and rehouse it inside of an NES controller. You can play up to four classic games using the NES controllers buttons! Its fun, neat to look at and an interesting project!

I slimmed down the insides of the arcade machine and mounted the circuit board and LCD inside of the controller. I routed the keys for the arcade to the corresponding keys of the NES controller for flawless gaming.

A very cool feature about this arcade machine is that is comes loaded with four games but only one of those games is selected at production by the placement of a zero ohm resistor. If you remove this resistor and make a connection using a switch it will load a game for that resistor. I added four push buttons to select a game when the unit is powered on. I have to credit Ben Heck with this discovery because the arcade machine I used was the same one he used in one of his videos. 

The controller is completed with a rechargeable battery micro usb input for charge and a small speaker.