SolidCore CoreXY 3D Printer

Modular and Scalable CoreXY 3D Printer

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The whole idea is to build a corexy printer that has:
Scalable to a larger format
Linear Rails
BOM utilizes standard and available printer parts people already have so they can convert their printer into a SolidCore
Easily add an enclosure
The components are metal or printable

We’ll probably make some changes such as reorienting the the y-axis linear rail into a vertical position similar to the RailCore, redesigning the carriages and motor/belt mounting plates where the z-axis motors are placed on the bottom of the machine. When I first designed the plates I thought it would look cool with the motors on top but after I machined everything I realized that moving the bed up and down could cause deflection in the main plates. I’m also considering making the carriage components and rail support one piece similar to the latest update on E3D’s Tool Changing printer.

step - 6.18 MB - 05/01/2020 at 07:57


f3z - 5.75 MB - 05/01/2020 at 07:57


Corner Idler Plate.stl

Stacked Belt Idler Plate

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 66.68 kB - 05/01/2020 at 07:56




Standard Tesselated Geometry - 69.42 kB - 05/01/2020 at 07:56


Rail Mount to Carriage.stl

Rail Mount Carriage

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 26.06 kB - 05/01/2020 at 07:56


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  • Carriage Design

    Shane Hooper02/18/2021 at 23:58 0 comments

    Carriage Design

    I've been working out the geometry for a modular y-carriage design for the SolidCore printer. I prefer to have the hotend and sensor interchangeable. Here's some different models I'm working on.

    • Independent hotend/probe mount.
    • Combined hotend/probe mount.

    The carriage and gantry are designed to be light weight and strong. We currently use c-shaped aluminum stock because it reduces machining time. The reduced machining time and minimized waste helps but it’s a compromise. Thats going to change soon. We’ll probably make some changes such as reorienting the the y-axis linear rail into a vertical position similar to the RailCore but the current horizontal version will be easier to adapt an E3D Toolchanger. 

    Carriage Assembly Mounted to MGN12 Linear Rail

    Balancing the pull to the center of carriage instead above it or below seems to be more rigid and minimize deflection. The belts are somewhat within the same plane of the three linear rails to avoid rocking cantilever loads that other designs may have with the belts up high or down low.

    Belt Anchor And Tensioner

    The new carriage design has M2 tapped holes to mount the y-axis endstop switch and act as a self locking post. For now the motor mount plate has slots to tension the belts.  

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