• CoreXY 3D Printer

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    CoreXYSolidCore CoreXY 3D Printer
    Designed By Shane Hooper & Mike Fisher 

    • The whole idea is to build a corexy printer that has:
    • Modular
    • Scalable
    • Linear Rails
    • BOM utilizes standard and available printer parts people already have so they can convert their printer into a SolidCore
    • Easily add an enclosure
    • All metal components or printable

    We’ll probably make some changes such as reorienting the the y-axis linear rail into a vertical position similar to the RailCore, redesigning the carriages and motor/belt mounting plates where the z-axis motors are placed on the bottom of the machine. When I first designed the plates I thought it would look cool with the motors on top but after I machined everything I realized that moving the bed up and down could cause deflection in the main plates. I’m also considering making the carriage components and rail support one piece similar to the latest update on E3D’s Tool Changing printer. We’re working on a small budget lol which “recycling” parts from previous builds. For example the bed is made from 3/8 inch thick aluminum that we robbed from an old printer. We’ll change that to 1/4 inch thick once we get more money. The left motor plates are going to be re-machined to give room for a tool changer setup. The overall footprint of the machine relative to print volume is somewhat excessive. In order to have a solid enclosure design I had to move the motors inside the frame boundary. This sacrificed the overall printer size to print volume ratio. 

     This design was inspired by: 


    HyperCube Evolution or HEVO 


    Mike Fisher’s QuadRod

    Maarten van Lier’s corexy build

    Shane Hooper's WorkHorse Printer

     I'll update the files when finished but there’s still a lot of work to be done.