Quantity   Component name
1 × BluePill the (in?)famous $3 minimal development board
1 × STLink-v2 One of those cheap Chinese clones works just fine. Be sure it is actually an STLink, and not an 'STC Autoprogrammer'. Several folks have gotten burned on this.
1 × sundry passives there's various resistors and capacitors in the audio path, and you'll probably want some bypass caps, and I am using an external transistor for reset of the SP0256 (OK, that's not passive, but whatever)
1 × LM386 this is an audio-out project, so you'll need a minimal amp to hear the zounds
1 × SP0256-AL2 if you're going physical, you'll need the venerated and mostly unobtainium GI synthesizer chip. Fortunately, I have a few on-hand.
1 × 3.12 MHz xtal if you're going physical with an actual SP0256-AL2, this is the crystal specified. However, I have always done just fine with a colorburst crystal instead, since 3.12 is an unusual frequency.