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Things I've Built

PIC PIN/Pad (using PIC2550)

A vendor was not forthcoming in providing a sample of their TDES DUKPT pinpad; in frustration I said "I can probably just make one with spare parts in my junkbox"; then I did just that. It was later handy in proving bugs in the vendors' product.


Frankencalculator; re-brained HP12-C with crypto functions. Actually, this is incomplete. I got it running as an emulator of other HP calculators in the 10-series, but I got distracted with other projects. I hope to come back to this one day...

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Bharbour wrote 08/01/2020 at 19:24 point

Thanks for Liking my #Amateur Radio CAT/CI-V Interface Adapters project.

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Miguel wrote 01/06/2016 at 14:24 point

Thanks for following #Memtype !!

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danjovic wrote 01/05/2016 at 22:15 point

Thanks for the skull and thanks for following!

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ziggurat29 wrote 01/05/2016 at 22:43 point

Well, thank you! And I second your suggestion about creating a 'retrocomputing' list -- actually that suggestion of yours is how I stumbled across your profile.

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