ARMAWATCH & ARMACHAT - long range radio messengers

Freedom of communication without borders, operators, networks, fees !
Your own network, your own rules !
Long range radio communicators

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On my first test I measured 500m without direct sight, RFM95 have usually 1-2km
(I am more than month locked at home, after covidopandemy I make more tests)

Soon BONUS project to complete portfolio = ARMACARD:
(credit card size, USB-C, 5x Touch buttons, 0.96" IPS display)

  • Armachat is Winner of PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest 2nd place BEST DESIGN ! THANKS

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Experience freedom of communication without borders
fees !!!

Create your own network, your own rules !!!



Hardware features UPDATED !!!:

  • Only single chip SAMD21E18, more easy to solder in TQFP32
  • QWERTY keyboard - 30 keys (5x6 matrix)
  • 18650 li-on battery (Fusion)
  • LCD on HW SPI:
    - FUSION: 1.8 TFT LCD display 128x160 ST7735 or 240x240 IPS ST7789
    - WATCH:  0.96 IPS LCD display 80x160 ST7735 
  • RFM95 long range radio module - 3 freq. by your country - IRQ / wake up
  • Beeper
  • Battery charging
  • DS3131 RTC with CR1220 battery backup
  • GPS support
  • Environmental sensors possibility
  • unique PCB USB-C or micro USB
  • native HW USB for next features like, modem, sniffer ....

Working software features:

  • Send message ... compose and send message to specified recipient or broadcast 
  • Receive message ... message is received on background and stored in memory.
  • Message editor ... write message about +/- 80 characters long ...  80 is now best readable on full display ....
  • Message memory ... all send/received messages are stored in memory
  • Display memory ... display memory content
  • RTC .... display time
  • Battery ... display battery voltage
  • Config ... user radio configuration spread factor / power
  • time set
  • check message delivery confirmation
  • contact list display and check online contacts
  • select recipient or broadcast
  • sort from memory by contact
  • BEST working feature - resend undelivered messages if delivery fail, message is stored with "undelivered" attribute. Every station at power on broadcast "Ready receive status", then if any near station receive this broadcast and have undelivered message automatically try send this messages,  if then receive confirmation mark messages in memory as DELIVERED :)
    All this features uses only 20% flash memory !!!
    there is lot free space for next updates

 TODO software features:

  • add message encryption
  • Message forward (mesh)
  • add some USB link features like work as usb modem, send receive/message from PC terminal
  • GPS position parse

Some screenshots:

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paulio23 wrote 4 hours ago point

Any chance of selling this as a kit? I've got a hard time finding the individual parts. Also, I love the idea of a longer range version.

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Dave's Dev Lab wrote 7 days ago point

man you so need to add a barcode scanner to this and beef up the case! you could sell this by the boat load!

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bobricius wrote 7 days ago point

Thinking about but for Fusion model, there is more space, also redrawing board for 10Km range modules RFM95PW :) ... just  4 days to receive watch boards ;)

  Are you sure? yes | no

Hpag wrote 05/20/2020 at 18:05 point

I liked the watch model so much! I wonder what is it capable of besides sending and recieving text messages. I would also like to contribute on this project.

  Are you sure? yes | no

bobricius wrote 05/20/2020 at 18:13 point

Watch and Fusion model have identical circuit and software, difference is only on display dimension. Keyboard I have tested on previous Armachat POCKET and is usable.

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