Introducing the Fire Fly UVC Light Credit Card Terminal Sanitizer

It is currently our goal to provide real world solutions built into products we can get into individuals hands. 

The Problem-

In my daily supply runs I realized on of the most utilized surfaces that nearly everyone in a store touches is the credit card terminal, it may be as simple as agreeing to the amount charged or entering your pin. In either of these cases these pads could be touch dozens or even hundreds of times a day.  With the upcoming opening of states businesses, microbial control of contagions is a paramount issue that we are addressing.

The Solution-

We are currently on our 4th design revision of a add on type of device that sanitizes the Keypad and Touch Screen of every Credit Card Terminal between customers. Really if you think about the solution and climate of business today this is a non negotiable consumer protection solution. The current revision  houses a single Star Lighting Industries 3.5 watt self ballasting UVC Quartz bulb with NO ozone production. The eye shield is angled as such that 97 percent of the light only hits the surface of the terminal. The matt black surface prevents the majority of any UV being reflected back and a simple spray on matt coating further supports this before installation of the light. The Bulb is easy to unscrew to show any customer there are no hidden electronics or cameras to attempt stealing their pin information in the event a customer is concerned with the new appearance of credit card machine glow sanitizer. The power wire is ran to a completely separate psu box that brings 110v down to usable 14-16 volts for the UVC emitter.


Fourth Version update-

The newest version is a one piece 6 hour print at .1mm in black PLA. Custom supports are created that can be pulled with pliers as one piece that also is removable from the threads the tub screws into. There is a strain relief on the far left that the power wire is fed through and secured in place with heat shrink tubing.

- unibody PLA 3d printed

- 3.5 watt UV emitter

- 12 step up usb adjustable power supply

- 3a 12v wall power supply

- 3d double sided tape

Actual 3d files / stls will not be released until after the competition for printing.