In this article, we will discuss the best TDA Amplifiers for our use in various DIY Projects and it is completely available at the best price in UTsource.

Introduction to TDA7377

It is a 2 * 30 W dual/quad power amplifier which can be used for card and radio, The TDA7377 is a new technology Class AB amplifier which can be worked in the dual-mode. It is the best choice for the single-source supply which works in 14 Volt 2*20 watts of power can be given maximum supply voltage of 18 volts. 

The above picture shows a physical description of the Amplifier.

Pinout Configuration of the TDA7377 

The simple pinout diagram for the TDA7377 transistor is given below.

Modes of Operation of TDA7377 

The various modes of operation of the TDA7377 is listed below 

  • This can be operated in the Quad Stereo Mode.
  • This can also be used in Double Bridge mode.
  • It can be also operated in the Stereo/Bridge mode.

Specifications of Operation of TDA7377 

The various specifications of operation of the TDA7377 are listed below 

  • It provides a soft short on turn on.
  • It comes with an overrating chip Temperature with a soft thermal limiter.
  • There is a load dump voltage surge in the amplifier 

Quad Stereo Connection of the TDA7377 

The below circuit shows a quad stereo connection with the TDA7377

Introduction to TDA7388

It is a 4* 45 W quad bridge car radio amplifier, The TDA7388 is an AB Class audio power amplifier, Packaged in Flexiwatt 25 and designed for high and car radio applications.

It has a low external component count, internally fixed gain (26 dB) and it has no external compensation and no bootstrap capacitors.

Specifications of Operation of TDA7388 

The various specifications of operation of the TDA7388 are listed below 

  • Output short circuit to ground to VS and it passes through across the load.
  • It has to be very inductive loads.
  • The chip comes with a very Overrating chip temperature with soft normal.
  • It is also used as a limiter also.
  • The TDA7388 can be dumped also.
  • This supports a reversed battery also.

Features of Operation of TDA7388 

The various features of operation of the TDA7388 are listed below 

  • This chip supports very high output power capability.
  • This chip also provides very low distortion.
  • This chip also provides low output noise.
  • This provides a standby function also.
  • A mute function is also provided.
  • This is getting auto-mute in min.

Pinout Configuration of the TDA7388 

The simple pinout diagram for the TDA7388 transistor is given below.

Introduction to the TDA1514A

It is a 50W high-performance hi-fi amplifier which is used for the same amplification actions. The TDA1514A integrated circuit is a hi-fi power amplifier for use as a building block in radio, tv and other audio amplification.

The high performance of the IC meets the requirements of digital sources like CD, DVD players. The circuit is totally protected, also has a mute function that can be arranged for a period after power-on with a delay time fixed by external components 

Features of Operation of TDA1514A 

The various features of operation of the TDA1514A are listed below 

  • This amplifier gives a very high output power.
  • This amplifier gives low harmonic distribution.
  • This amplifier gives low intermodulation distortion.
  • This amplifier gives a very low offset voltage.
  • This amplifier provides a good ripple rejection.

Operation Circuit of TDA1514A

The below picture is the operation circuit of the TDA1514A


So we have discussed the various amplifiers that can be used in various circuit applications