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A project log for "Desk Accessory" CNC Milling Machine

Lots of "Desktop CNC" machines can fit on a desktop. But do they fit _on_your_desk_? Like, between the stapler & paper tray?

paul-mcclayPaul McClay 02/19/2024 at 07:210 Comments

Last fall (2023) I logged some of this "fancy box" work alongside the 3d printed CNC mechanics work at #Minamil 3dp: another minimal CNC mill while using that as my single "new project" per Hackaday Prize rules.

Logs there describing work that advanced this project here include:

feature creep vol. {n+=1}: doorsreview of enclosures from zero to the demonstrable but inadequate state that I took to MRRF
(hinged w/packing tape = not really "real")
doors again: current and (maybe) futurethe less inadequate but more unsatisfactory state accomplished for HaD Prize entry
(not hinged w/packing tape, but inelegant)
...and athing I found shortly before publishing that log...

There's other stuff from that period that I still haven't written up, like evolution of the AC wiring, chip blower, &c since the previous log entry

(if you've landed in the middle of the story: this project is me making a fancy box that's not at all necessary to make and use CNC mechanics described here if you have a 3d printer or here if you have a laser cutter)