Red of Shawshank

A micro decoration makes hope tangible. Hold your hope and fight your fight.

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You know the story. You know the poster. Look at Red. Will you think of Andy? The movie by Frank Darabont is about Andy. the story by Stephen King is about Red.

"Andy was the part of me they could never lock up, the part of me that will rejoice when the gates finally open for me and I walk out in my cheap suit with my twenty dollars of mad-money in my pocket. That part of me will rejoice no matter how old and broken and scared the rest of me is. I guess it's just that Andy had more of that part than me, and used it better."

We know the story is actually about us. There are many questions to ask about this movie and the story. Here is Red for you to think about. Here is Red to make hope tangible.

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