What should I write here? Hmm, it is a straight forward build. At first I thoght "Hey look a ebay for an optical bench" (perhaps I could use it for other things ... but then I saw how expensive these things are - and they have no hold for the camera or the slides. 

So simple decision: look what is in the "used parts box" ;-)

  • For mounting the DSLR: I have some spare quick-release adapters
  • For the slides: The slide holder: I could simply use the one of the slide projector from my father
  • Light source: There are some old ceiling lights I can disassemble
  • From an old project I have some "optical plexiglas" left to get an even backlight for the slide
  • The base: sawn of pieces of an IKEA Ivar shelve
  • Shades: Black and white paper

The only new bought thing: Tthe LED 4W/6000K/CIR80/120°.

A test with slides >60 years old: Compared with the original slide, the result is nearly perfect :-D