Lua Pi Pan

Lua pi pan is my take on home IoT using lua and raspberry pi's

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Lua home iot system for raspberry pi. Modules for as many common gpio/usb devices as possible will be made and designed to work with a network of rpi's using a master/slave node system.
More details on install and program components can be found on github or the install video in the links.

Instructions for the physical connection of devices will be done though youtube videos.
Check out the links for the videos!

Iv been working on documenting different aspect of the program and have put several links up for YouTube videos that cover some of what I have my setup doing, install of the program, and building of the style of relay box that I use to control various stuffs.

Currently Iv got Lua pi pan up and running several different things in my home and I wanted to go over everything it is currently doing in a bit more detail.

First of all it does all the thermostat logic for my room, my dads room, my green house, and my aquaponics system.

It also controls the timing on a pump for my aquaponics system as well as controlling the light for my sump tank to keep my koi happy.

I like to check out my green house in the evening so I have a motion sensor that turns on a relay powering a string of LEDs when its dark to give me plenty of light to work by. Iv also got a motion sensor in my room attached to a single LED that turns on when its dark to help me avoid stubbing my toe. It also keeps track of near by mac addresses by continuously scanning with the wifi so if my phones not found, meaning im not at home and anyone enters my room the motion sensor will trigger a piezo buzzer to go off and send a txt message to my phone alerting me.

Several buttons control aspects of the system and finally the master pi runs a local web server used to control the system as well as showing data from sensors on a graph.

  • 1 × raspberry pi any model
  • 1 × 5v relay board
  • 1 × ds18b20 temp sensor 1 wire temp sensor
  • 1 × DHT22 temp/humidity sensor
  • 1 × led light

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  • Super distracted with 3d printing but some fixes and minor updates.

    PhilMo605/28/2017 at 22:41 0 comments

    Iv been crazy distracted playing with my new 3d printer but iv been working on some updates and error fixes that are on the main git page now. I'm working on a tempature overload shutoff using a 1wire temp sensor and a relay for my 3d printer that will also take progress photos and email them to you while its printing so you can shut it down remotely if a print messes up.

  • Major update to code, begone hardcoding!

    PhilMo612/07/2016 at 02:18 0 comments

    Spent the last week updating the vast majority of the code in order to remove as much of the hard coding from the objects as possible. Now that its done its much easier to add new objects! Also did a number of fixes so everything should run more smoothly.

  • 3d printed fish feeder

    PhilMo611/28/2016 at 05:46 0 comments

    Iv gotten my 3d printed fish feeder up and running. Still needs a bit of work to get into action feeding fish but here is a video showing it dispensing food. The code for the feeder is on the projects GitHub as well.

  • 3d printed motion sensor housing

    PhilMo611/19/2016 at 23:38 0 comments

    Iv 3d printed up some PIR motion sensor housings with ball joint and cover so i could weather proof my sensors a bit and protect them from possible stupidity. They fit perfectly and im really happy with the final product! Here is a link to the file if you wanna check it out.

    I should have the remote module for stepper motors up tonight as well.

  • stepper motor and soon to be fish feeder

    PhilMo611/16/2016 at 06:25 0 comments

    Iv got my stepper motor module working rather well! Soon as I finish the design I will work on building a fish feeder. I'm going to get the remote object set up for it next but iv been distracted 3d modeling and printing a cover for my motion sensors, soon as I get my 2nd design test printed I will put up the files for it. Also working on a higher amp version of my relay box so I can use my heater on a higher setting then low. I will do a video of that soon as well.

  • DHT22 is good to go!

    PhilMo611/13/2016 at 03:03 0 comments

    After I found out the rpio library wasn't doing the trick for reading DHT22 sensors I finally took the dive and started learning c. Took me a couple days to get enough down to figure out the Lua c API and write a wrapper for a c function that uses wiringPi to bit bang the sensor. As a super nice bonus it works waaaay faster but it does require Lua pi pan to be run with sudo if its being used with the DHT22 module. I'm very tempted to write a full wrapper for wiringPi and switch GPIO libraries again to take advantage of the reading speed...

    The source and .so file are on GitHub page if anyone wants to check it out.

  • Video and update

    PhilMo611/10/2016 at 02:46 0 comments

    Did some minor code updates, I figured out that the DHT22 module no longer worked due to the change in the gpio library used so im working of fixing that now. Iv also made a new video showing how to configure a master or slave node.

  • New Video

    PhilMo611/07/2016 at 04:15 0 comments

    Getting better at making YouTube videos! I did a video of hooking up a relay and 1 wire temperature sensor to a rpi then configuring it to work on a thermostat.

  • Updated Code

    PhilMo611/06/2016 at 03:29 0 comments

    I updated and cleaned up the code on GitHub. I switched from the lua_gpo library to the rpio one. It required a bit of modification to get working well but now it seems to be giving me faster reads then the old library. Also it should be compatible with the RPI3 which was something lacking with the old library as well, I will test this out tonight. I have my branch of the rpio code on my GitHub.

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