• Dynamic Systems Simulations with Python

    02/09/2021 at 17:54 0 comments

    Along my degree studies, and in some moments during the Master´s degree, I has been asked to use Matlab and Simulink to simulate systems, from power electronics to quadrotor control. And, I see the point on focus only on the content you want to teach in a subject, but the problem is the fact that lot of my collegaues cannot run simulations without using that expensive software despite of being engineers. That is bullsh*t.

    I guess there is lot of people in the same situation, so I decided to create some kind of tutorial in order to explore how to do it with Python and little more. All the code is open and uploaded to my Github. The tutorial itself is published in Medium and it is still a work in progress but, well, I try to go through topics like linear and nonlinear control of different systems. The last I'm working on is the usual motorized pendulum.

    So, well, I hope you can find it useful.

    Would you have any comments or suggestions, let me know in the comments. Here or on Medium, whatever is more comfortable for you.


    The index:

    The repo: