"pxlDigit" - a 3D printed seven segment digit

Easy 3D printable seven segment digit powered by 14 WS2812 LEDs.

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For some projects (e..g pxlBlck_digitClock) I needed some seven segment digits. The iterative design process resulted in the shown design. 

A seven segment digit that uses 14 WS2812 LEDs (two per segment) to display the numbers from 0-9. Of course more digits can be combined to display longer numbers. 

Another example of this is visible in my pxlBlck project log here: 

Build guide incl. STL files is available here:

Small insight into the first usecase

The same STL was also used for the pxlBlck_digitClock

  • Display for "time_timy"

    Fab01/26/2021 at 13:58 0 comments

    The 3D printed housing of the “pxlDigits” (thats how I called these seven segments) was initially not intended to be “just” a 7-segment display with WiFi like I used it for the pxlBlck_digitClock.

    Originally I used it to build a kind of timer from a two-digit, 7-segment display for a friend of mine. She is a primary school teacher and had the problem that she needed a time display for her students that can also be read by students who are not yet able to read numbers and / or estimate time periods.

    In this case, the display of the numbers on the 7-segment display is of course unsuitable. That is why the display was extended by a 1m long LED strip made of WS2812 LEDs and a rotary encoder. The time can then be set using the rotary encoder.

    You can see the functionality in the Video below.

    If you are interested in building this, I prepared a buildlog for it on my blog:

View project log

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Krzysztof wrote 01/31/2021 at 17:20 point

Very nice, I suggest painting inside of cells with silver or white paint or lining with aluminium foil. It will disperse light a little more. Having a little more depth will help too.

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Fab wrote 02/01/2021 at 19:25 point

Thanks. :) Yes, thats a point where I did not find the 100% solution yet. Tried the lining with aluminum foil option but this is really fiddly to get (and keep) everything in place. :/ But im working on this from time to time and hope to find a solution here soon. :)

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