Instructables Robot PCB

Little cute PCB Art to create the logo of the famous DIY web Instructables

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I recreated the logo of the Instructables webpage in PCB. To do it, I used Eagle to create the design.

Then I added two LEDs as his eyes and at the back a 3V coin cell battery and two resistors. With the legs of the resistors, I made the antennas.

If you would like to get one just send me a message and we will work it out.

  • 1 × 5mm LED
  • 1 × 3MM LED
  • 2 × Resistors
  • 1 × Coin cell holder

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    First, solder the components in the back, so grab the battery holder and the resistors and solder them in place.

    After this, flip the board and solder the LEDs. As you can see one eye is bigger than the other, that's why I chose 5mm and 3mm LEDs to make the board as similar as the robot! Remember to check the polarity! Now solder them and cut the legs. Finally, with the legs we have cut from the resistors or the LEDs, we are going to make the antennas. Simply bend the leg and solder it in place. One in each ear.

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    Power it up

    Now simply insert a 3V coin cell battery and you are good to go

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