Mini Pupper: Boston Dynamics Spot in the Palm

12 DOF, Low-cost, ROS, Robot Dog with Navigation for Education

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Mini Pupper has been launched on Stanford Pupper website.
We are preparing the special price kits for the early birds and will launch on Kickstarter or Indiegogo very soon. You can find our Mini Pupper Prototype, in Dec 2020, we used more than 8+ months to make it stable, there is NO risk to ship it to you.
Very appreciated if you can support us or any advice!

Please send your mail address to , We will report our weekly report every weekend before the campaign.

Campaign Sample Tiers,
$1xx USD : Research Basic Kit: Custom Parts(Servox13 + PCBA + LCD) + Carbon fiber parts + the small parts(bearing, screws...).
$3xx USD : Research Kit: Including all the parts except the Raspberry Pi 4B and SD card.
$4xx USD : Complete Kit: Including all the parts
$4xx USD : Pre-Assembled

Our target is NOT the cheapest robot dog, but the BEST robot dog for education at an acceptable price.

Github page:

Design Introduction

Beginning last year, we shipped many Stanford Pupper units worldwide. After such global success with Pupper, we took to heart all the feedback from this endeavor. What do our customers want in our products? What kind of products do they like? After more than 11 months pursuing these requests, we would like to show you what we came up with. Mini Pupper!

Mini Pupper Custom Servo

Our Mini Pupper servo is a custom servo to meet the requirements of our new Pupper! Compact, Durable, Unique. To run the Mini Pupper organically and smoothly, high torque & high-fidelity servos were required. We tested many servos on the market and have not found any 9g servo up to the task. After too many Q.C issues we finally gave up on off-the-shelf hobbyist servos, the last thing we want is for our intelligent customers to be let down by poor quality servos. So, we spent several months optimizing and configuring a servo that would work for our project, including tuning the servo parameters ourselves! It is now named Mini Pupper servo.

Explore the Gait Performances

You can use our Mini Pupper to explore many gait performances, such as Trot (diagonal pairs), Pace (lateral pairs), and the Bound (front and rear pairs). We’re confident our Mini Pupper Servos will outperform any servo for the balance of performance and price.

The Mechanical Design 

The mechanical design is simple, stable, and beautiful. You can find many prototype quadruped robots, but few can go to market because of their complex design! Difficult to assemble, lack stability while trotting, and require unpredictable costly repairs. For the average engineering student or extremely curious individual these quadrupeds will work, however, they are not suitable for mass production... The Mini Pupper addresses these issues by creating a professional robot designed specifically for mass production, driving unit costs low enough for even low-budget schools to acquire the robots for learning. Driving innovation for the next generation of robotics enthusiasts. Unlike other 3D printed robots, we use metal threaded inserts to ensure customers can disassemble and reassemble easily while making repairs after extensive use. All parts are secured with quality fasteners ensuring great fit and function as well as durability of the unit. Cleaner builds were achieved by customizing the servo cable length and integrating the IMU into our carry board to reduce the wiring necessary and have an overall clean setup in the body of Mini Pupper. No lose wires! Unlike other enthusiast-made kits, our Mini Pupper does not require the user to plug or unplug wires to power the unit on and off. A simple flick of a switch is all you need! The Mini Pupper battery is charged without the need to remove the battery from the robot, onboard voltmeters will sound alarm and worn you that your unit needs energy. Mini Puppers design was based on the feedback we received from our existing customers. Because of this we now have a quadruped robot easier to setup and play with than any other robot on the market. Customers with minimal or no experience will be able to use this robot.

The Mini Pupper has 12 DOF (degree of freedom), unlike the 8 DOF available through similar projects. There was a lot of debate within our team about whether we should keep with norms and produce the same 8 DOF. After much debate, we concluded 8 DOF robots lack the ability to follow natural biological movements. The benefits of an 8 DOF quadruped only seemed to benefit the producer as the cost of the robot and parts required would be less. But we would have lost the original inspiration of the project… Which was to provide our customers with the highest quality best performing robot in this price range. All the servos are controlled one by one by a PCA9685. The gait performance is dependent on the 12 servos...

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Designing new shell to make it clear and simple

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 158.36 kB - 06/18/2021 at 07:54



Designing new shell to make it clear and simple

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 112.47 kB - 06/18/2021 at 07:54



Designing new shell to make it clear and simple

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All the documents are maintained on google drive and GitHub.

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Afreez Gan wrote 06/10/2021 at 08:20 point

Thank you very much!

We spent much time optimizing the performance and quality, you know, there is still no off-the-shelf hobbyist servo for the quadruped product. The custom servo can ensure Mini Pupper runs stable much longer without breaking.

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Jarrett wrote 06/10/2021 at 06:28 point

Could you go more into what you did for your custom servo?

Project looks intriguing, good work!

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