Cyber Ant

The Cyber Ant's goal is to function as a collection and assortment device. Whether it be in home, freeways, the beach or junkyards.

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The Cyber ant is to be an in home or industrial equipment manager. The ideal robot is to be able to use cameras under it's six legs to 3-D model and identify objects with the use of tracker tags. First you show it an object, it makes a model. You assign a tag to the item and from there it can fetch it for you using commands. Alternatively, different models serve different functions. Roadside trash pick up, metal assortment, metal detecting and unearthing. Or simply grab you a beer or practically anything from the liesure of your couch. This project is inspired by the MIT mini cheetah, V2 opendog project and spot mini. It's my response to robot "Dogs" . I asked myself why not a giant agile hexapod ? Each leg is it's own battery that power brushless motors using O-drive controllers. Each one can be swapped out and upgraded. It also has a secret charging method I can't tell you about here that I think will make a huge difference when it comes to robotics. Cy

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