An very very small relay computer and simulator.

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A single-bit single instruction computer built from relays.

I've always wondered what the smallest computer would look like, and how to build it. Having read a lot about Turing machines, One Instruction computers, Programmable Logic Controllers,  W machines and all the rest, I stumbled across Jeff Laughton's description of a one-bit computer he built to drive a printing press. (Link below). It's made me wonder what that would be like in relays!   

So the aim of this little project is to build a one-instruction computer in relays, using the least hardware possible. With luck the computer will actually be useful since it's relays will switch significant currents for driving motors, lights and whathaveyou.  

When I add a 'tape' drive to it it will be Turing complete - and has the right to be called a Computer. 

Here's the link to Mr Laughton's machine:

One-bit Computing at 60 Hertz

I have many other fascinating links which I will post soon.

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