• Recieved the PCBs

    Kody Alan Rogers3 hours ago 0 comments

    I got my first look at the PCBs that I had ordered from Osh Park. I recorded myself assembling the circuit for the first time ever, but I had an embarrassing mixup when I used the wrong resistor as my current limiter. Instead of a 220 Ohm resistor, I used a 220K Ohm resistor and the relay needed at least 15mA to turn on so the given the 5V outputted by the Arduino 5V/220000 Ohm = 0.0227mA is not enough current to turn on the relay.

    Once I realized my mistake I used side cutters to cut out the 220K ohm resistor and then I soldered on 220 Ohm resistors. It was not pretty but this was only my first time doing it and I do have another 2 boards still to build.

    The board did work as expected once the 220 Ohm resistors were installed so that was good.

    I did record almost all of this ordeal, but my head was in the way when I was soldering sometimes. Given the poor placement of my head in the video I plan to assemble another one tomorrow without my head in the picture and after that, I will add instructions, photos, and other fun things to this project.

  • Ordered Supplies

    Kody Alan Rogers09/19/2021 at 17:48 0 comments

    I have officially ordered the first versions supplies and hope it will all come in before Halloween so I can set it up for Halloween.

    The KiCad files can be found here: https://github.com/PhysicsUofRAUI/decoration_control/tree/main/ecad

    I did make a custom symbol and footprint for the relay, and if people are interested in seeing that I can make a separate repo to store all my custom symbols and footprints.

    I have also entered all the components to the project page, but have not yet added instructions since I have not yet made one.

    Watch out for my next project log sometime in October 2021!

  • First Log

    Kody Alan Rogers09/18/2021 at 01:36 0 comments

    I have tested a very simple circuit where I wired up a set of Christmas lights to one relay and a 10 K ohm resistor to a second relay.

    I then used a multimeter to measure the AC volts across the 10 kohm resistor while I was running an Arduino program which turned off one relay and then turned on the other relay. After 5s the Arduino switched which relay was on and which was off.

    This will be my first Arduino shield so I am excited. I am, however, confused if I could eventually sell this as a DIY kit since it is designed to plug into main power. If anyone has any advice on that it would be much appreciated.