• Dymo Letratag part missing? Could use some help

    04/27/2017 at 20:31 0 comments

    I need to fix a dymo letratag (I think it's a LT-100H. I bought two label printers at an auction and this one didn't work.

    The white part in the photo was broken, and maybe someone already tried to fix it. I fixed it with superglue and some plastic+acetone slurry after that and I think the part works as intended.

    But there still is a problem. The device prints a label, but it fails when a second one is printed after cutting the tape. I think the blade cutter doesn't retract far enough any more. I've tried all kinds of things, and now I suspect a missing part or spring

    This is how far the blade holder retracts on it's own:

    This is how far I think it should retract after cutting a label:

    here is another photo with an inside view:

    for the cutting action I have:

    - the white part which holds a cap and actuates the blade assembly

    - The blade assembly (blade, blade guide, spring and holder) which holds the tape and cuts it

    - Safety mechanism with 1 plastic part and a spring

    Is there anyone who has this type of label printer who can please make a photo for me how it should look and if I'm missing a part? Thanks


    Opening this thing is not without peril.

    - Some screws are just a bit longer than the others and there are 2 screws short and with a flatter head, I forgot to note where they should go

    - Don't over tighten the screws, the plastic craps out (after a few times opening and possibly putting the wrong screws in a certain location)

    - Somehow I broke the pin holding the metal bracket with the print head, which i needed to fix with a piece of m2,5 screw and some glue (just the glue didn't work)

    - The tip of the blade guide can get stuck under the blue part if it's not fully retracted when reassembling if you detach the part with the pcb from the blue part in the picture (which might not be necessary for a picture)

    - The safety mechanism spring might wander off, and hide until you made a new one

    - Possible bonus perils relating to parts I might be missing

  • Do not use home-made fuses

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    Sound advise from the soviet era.

    I just remembered I made this picture when I was in the abandoned city of Pripyat in Ukraine this summer, where I was on a 3-day tour in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

    This is an educational poster from a school, with the soviet version of Disney / Warner Brothers characters, teaching kids not to use home-made / makeshift fuses

    The guide probably pointed this one out to me because I was the one in our group toting a DIY Geiger counter.