The Mini Desktop Bartender Robot

This easy to use desktop robot automatically unscrews a mini bottle of your choice, pours you a drink, collects bottle caps in an internal cap piggy bank,  and throws bottles to the recycle bin off the side; plus It doesn't ask for tips!

It's a fun way to take a share a drink with friends and family in an interactive engaging way that never fails to make you and your guests smile. 

Fun and easy to use

Whenever you feel like having a drink, simply put your cup on the circle and the robot will uncap the mini bottle, collect the caps in a mini cap piggy bank, serve you a drink and toss the bottle off the side to the recycle bin.

Steps for use

1) Place cup on robot

2) Robot serves you drink

3) Drink cup and enjoy

4) Repeat as necessary

Compact and Elegant

The mini bartender robot fits nearly on any small table or counter top and has a sleek natural bamboo base. 

Great for:

  • Offices
  • Home parties or gatherings
  • Bars/ liquor stores
The compact size makes this little robot easy to place anywhere or carry to a party
This mini bartender robot is always a great conversation starter and its compact size makes it easy to place anywhere to have access to drinks anywhere in the home
A great addition to any kitchen or lounging salon
An elegant addition to any space


Compatible with Different 50ml Mini Bottle Sizes

With an adjustable bottle slide height and a universal bottle grabber, you can load this robot with your favorite 50ml mini bottle flavor!

Adjustable bottle slide height allows for use with a wide variety of mini bottle flavors

Note: only works with cylindrical mini bottle bases. Square bases like fireball or jägermeister require custom modification. Message me for details. 

Original Video submission to Kickstarter.... they rejected it.

Design Story:

Amidst a global pandemic while most bars were closed I was inspired to attempt to design an interactive and engaging mechatronic experience of being served a drink which is something I think many missed and could not experience at home. 

Motion is a key part to making objects "come alive" and an important part of communication and establishing trust with human-machine interactions of the future. I  wanted to try making a fun device that touched on this principle and help inspire others to build more interactive products.

Originally I wanted to built a robot that would serve Underberg drinks, a German bitters drink, so I designed the mechanism around that mini bottle size. Here below you can see the little drink.

Blank slate early sketches trying to figure out mini bottle uncapping mechanism
Early Rough Prototype
Initial design of bottle uncapping mechanism using cheap skateboard bearings & 3D printed parts

 Video of early stage prototype in action:

3D printing gears for robot
3D printed gear
Prototype photoshoot on a boat while at sea
Photo of early prototype

After some early field testing it became very clear to me nobody likes Underberg (I don't know why, its such a great drink) and so I redesigned the robot to accept a variety of mini bottle sizes & flavors using an adjustable height slider, and a universal bottle holder.

Multilevel slide adjustment to accept different size minibottles
Detailed measurement of bottles to figure out right design sizes to work with multiple bottles
R&D shopping.... for science. If you ever need data on average industry minibottle diameter trends, contact me; I may be a leading world expert in that field.

One of the toughest parts of the prototype design was finding the right way to grip the mini bottle cap in order to twist it without crushing it, or slipping while turning. This especially was challenging when dealing with mini bottle caps of different materials like plastic or aluminum, and all of slightly different diameters. I knew I had to go either one of two routes, either an all foam...

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