Robotic Bartender

This weekend you can make your next cocktail party an even bigger success by building this DIY Cocktail Mixer using Arduino. The best part about the project is how creative and unique it will be for each individual maker! You’ll learn all of the steps needed to create their own mixers, but they should feel free to incorporate any touches that work well with them too.

A robot bartender is going to mix you a drink without getting tipsy. Why not try one out for yourself?
A future where we can have our own bot-bartenders serving us alcohol at parties sounds pretty great! As soon as this technology becomes more widely available, I’ll be looking forward to taking advantage of all their benefits – namely being able to make sure no guests get too inebriated before they head home together (which would lead to someone else’s bad time).

Arduino Projects and Tutorials

You are new to the world of Arduino? Do you want to learn how programming works with this cool electronics platform? You have come at a perfect time because our free Beginner’s Guide will show everything from scratch. In it, we take an Introduction to what is really needed for getting started (Arduino IDE and different kinds of boards), through various projects that require little experience – all while keeping things interesting! So check out this helpful guide today. Lets start learning Arduino

Robotic Bartender Complete Video Tutorial

For those who don’t want to read, we’ve got the video for you. Watch it down here and learn about this project in just over 6 minutes!

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How does Robot Bartender Work?

DIY Cocktail Mixer Using Arduino is an easy way to create tasty cocktails right out of your own kitchen – no bartender license required! If you’re looking for a fun project, try making some interesting ingredients like tequila-lime juice, or even better – make them ultra-strong and enjoy with friends.

The bot is really an Arduino that controls some pumps. A simple program allows the pumps to turn on for a certain time and make drinks using different ingredients! The machine comes with 5 recipes set, but you can change them if needed by changing input switches or programming it yourself – which would allow your DIY cocktail mixer to come out exactly how YOU want it to look because every person has their own style of the bar set up shop in their house…

If you’re looking for an easy way to mix the perfect drink, look no further than this electronic circuit. All that’s left now are a few simple steps and your bar is ready! Pour each ingredient into its corresponding container then turn on the pump at the top which releases just enough liquid from the bottle while preserving all precious alcohol content. Better yet? You won’t have any clean-up duties either since everything can slide right back onto their shelves once the mixing process has been completed – saving time in sauce prep AND re-shelving afterward too!

Things Needed to make a Cocktail Mixer

  • Arduino Nano RP 2040
  • 12 V Pumps
  • Relays

Why not make a PCB for your Project?

Making a PCB for your DIY project is not hard nowadays. PCB helps to get rid of all messy wires and stuff and gives your project an awesome look. And it’s cool to make your own PCB for your project right?

Ordering High-Quality PCB for Cheap Price

I usually order our PCBs from PCBWay. PCBWay is a PCB manufacturer specializing in PCB prototyping, low-volume production, and neat and tidy PCB Assembly for a very low price. They have a very friendly customer support team and even perform a free PCB Design Review before payment and inform us if there is some issue...

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