All the way back in 2020 I believe, I was thinking about PBT filament and how it wouldn't be printable with the Volcano THC-01 installed on my CR600S (heavily modded CR10 eternally going through an upgrade) at the time. I didn't want to lose build space as I had the #SecSavr Skyrise [gd0092] lined up to print, as well as #Teti [gd0022]

Thus I designed a hotend using NF-Smart hotends (a brand new product when I started) that used a kinematic coupling with a servo to rotate the triple hotends. 

Then the project abruptly was frozen. Me In The Past was like "Yeah ok moving on" one day, and I have a slight feeling that I was afraid of potential problems because of how large the hotend is. 

I intended to make it a reality when it came time to print Teti, but the parts shortage happened and by the time I had a working PC, it was 2 months before University.