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    Step 1: Solder the Switch and the Battery Holder

    The design on this board is super simple so you can solder the components on in any order. Personally, I like to start with the switch and battery holder.  I made the holes for the battery holder snug so with a little pressure it should snap into place for easy soldering!

    *Note: When soldering the battery holder be carful not to get solder outside of the pad or the board will short!

    If you're having trouble keeping the board from moving when soldering you can use a piece of tape to hold the board down. Just be sure not to have the tape too close to where you are soldering your joint!

    *Note: The battery holder and switch are made of metal so they get hot when soldering. Be careful touching them during and directly after soldering!

    *I like to add a bit of extra solder so the clouds eyes look nice and smooth.

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    Step 2: Solder the LEDs

    I find it helpful to solder the 2 outer LEDs first and the middle on last. I usually use a spool of solder wick to support the other side of the board while soldering. (you can use anything that's a similar height to the board.)

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    Step 3: Insert Battery and Enjoy!

    Your Chilly Snow Cloud is complete!